Elven decker that dresses more like a rock star than a runner.


Archetype: Decker
Real Name: Wouldn’t you like to know??
Street Name: Tempest
Species: Elf
Country of Origin: UCAS


Height: 5’10"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Blue! Why yes, this is my natural hair color!
Eyes: Blue
Complexion: Ivory
Age: Appears to be mid 20s

A bit on the short side for an elf but she is still tall for a human woman so she wouldn’t stand out too much if it wasn’t for the blue hair. As she enjoys standing out in a mundane crowd, mostly for the joy of messing with the cube warrior’s definition of normal. In the shadows or the music/club scene she just just blends into the crowd.

As someone who would rather hang out in VR instead of hitting the gym, her build is more genetics than hard work. Its much easier to be the nexus of information sitting in a bar but as of late the jobs have her out and about.

Her hair is usually down around her shoulders often covering her ears and her datajack. Outfits often feature makeup, clothing, and jewelry choices that result in an often over the top look. She often layers a lined coat over form fitting body armor for the additional protection from the elements and bad guys.

Distinguishing Marks:
Piercings: Ears, Lower Lip, Left Nostril, Belly Button
Tattoos: Both upper arms are covered and blend into the scene on her back.

Notable Attributes:

Notable Skills:
- Computer
- Cybercombat
- Electronic Warfare
- Hacking
- Software

Favorite Pieces of Gear:
- Renraku Tsurugi
- Modded Ares Predator V
- Backpack of Technology
- Hyundai Shin-Hyung


Tempest is originally from the southern suburbs of Chicago but the CZ and the surrounding areas seem to be the best bet for making a name for herself.

The rush of the run is almost as important as the paycheck! so when she isn’t “working” she can often be found in music venues or clubs freelancing her talents.

Tempest has several matrix personas that she will use as the situation demands:

The first is a stylized version of herself and is the one she would prefer to use.

The second is more conservative version of herself, it appears to be more mundane and reserved. She will use this version when she needs a more discrete matrix presence as it features a normal hair color and more conservative clothing, jewelry, and makeup choices.

Mark Icon: The target appears to be illuminated by a stage spotlight, these marks are viewed as a spotlight icon.

Data Spike: Tempest’s avatar animates playing some sort of heavy metal a guitar riff.

Tempest is also known to utilize an agent program that has been visually customized to complement her particular sense of style, her agent usually resembles the image shown.


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