Street-smart Sniper with Attitude


Real Name: Serena ???
Species: Elf
Country of Origin: UCAS

Height: 6’ 4"
Weight: 155 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Age: late 20’s

Known Cybernetics:
- Datajack
- Smartlink
- Cyberears

Notable Attributes:
- Agility
- Reaction

Notable Skills:
- Automatics
- Hardware
- Locksmith
- Longarms
- Pistols
- Sneaking

Favorite Gun:
- Cavalier Arms Crockett EBR


Fresh from the streets of Chicago, Killshot is making a name for herself, one shot at a time…

Rumor has it that she has worked for some “made men” and some other nefarious organizations in the shadowy underbelly of Chicago.

Now she has started taking more than just wet work assignments as she runs the shadows of the Windy City. She is continuing to develop that name for herself.

Killshot is known for her hard-core nature and addiction to action. She prides herself in being able to shoot anything that has a trigger. She’s had some training but from where? It’s hard to tell.

Killshot is a very private person and her origin is very much a mystery to her chummers.


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