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Wind Wolf's AOL Blog: Self-Employed
Oh ... we WANT to do this run ....

Hey Chummers, You've Got Mail!

So yeah, opsec and what not, can't get into details about what the crew is doing on our "time-off."  Let's just say we're making the world a better place, one trigger pull at a time.

I'll update this blog entry later, if I can ever stop laughing long enough to finish up.  Time to saddle up, check you later.


Update: This bit of badassery deserves it's own writeup, not just an update.  When my head stops pounding, I'll give it the justice it deserves.

Wind Wolf's AOL Blog: Queue the Thousand Yard Stare
Just ... let the Ork go first next time ... got it.

Hey Chummers, You've Got Mail!

Ok, ok, OW.  It hurts a little to like, breathe and stuff, and sadly, I think my spleen is a little loose.  So sometimes we get excited, and we have to learn the hard way that this is not a safe thing to do.

So this would have been a milk run, if only I hadn't stumbled onto some Ferals.  The team finished up QP's job null sweat, though Killshot and company had to regulate a bit.   Brother Wolf got dissipated slightly in the fight with the security team at our second operational area, but he'll be ok in a day or so.  Might need to drop an offering next time.  Brother Wolf has some gravitas, chummers, but a lightning ball is a lightning ball.  Like I said, Killshot and crew did their thing, and we cleaned up the mess best we could and got paid.

The more I get to know her, the more I like Juniper.  First off, girlfriend can throw down when the chips are down … but more importantly, I think she has some sort of implant for pulling soup outta no where.  Good soup, too!

Anyway, being that like, rent is a thing, and stuff, we went ahead and scoped out our next job for Mr. Johnson.  No reason for this not to go smoothly, just a quick infiltration to come out with proof of ownership of some abandoned property.  There were some mysteries there, but nothing worth risking out necks to investigate.  We were in, Shadowknight did the lockpicking thing, Tempest did her slump over and drool thing, and boom, paydata.

Then came time to extract, after a quick decision not to stick around after mission accomplished.  I'll admit it, I was feeling in a good place.  Thought I'd show off for the ladies a bit … youthful indiscretions or whatever.  I found out when I opened a door two things:

1) Let Shadowknight go first

2) being face to face with 5 hungry ghouls makes me wish I brought my brown pants a little.

Thanks to Shadowknight's quick thinking and some loud ass gunfire (did I mention that Juniper kicks ass with that AK?) I didn't die.  I don't want to sell deathsticks, I want to go home and rethink my life.  Good news is, got the scratch to make good on my debt.  It has to get easier from here, right omae?

Wind Wolf's AOL Blog: Legwork and a New Gig
Shammy need cash gogogogo

Hey Chummers, You've Got Mail!

Wind Wolf here.  First of the month is coming on awful fast for my taste.  Got to get paid, or I'm going to pay myself.

So, we got a giant hard-on for messing with the Brigade, so's Killshot and Juniper went out to do some legwork, with me in the astral for overwatch.  All in all, it went pretty smoothly, and the Wonder Twins got some good intel.  Three more like these two and I think we can form Voltron.  Really nice work, but I think Killshot didn't do so hot with the interrogation of some goon they caught … and I don't know how to ask a stiff questions.  

In other news, the "photos" the Brigade had didn't amount to much … that's why you wear helmets, chummers.

After the dynamic duo returned, we got a call from the Princess, apparently Tempest is going to grow up into a glorified cable repair gurl.  We're headin' to the Danger Zone (thanks Kenny) to replace some gear for her.  I have a bad feeling about this.  Despite my bad feelings, Brother Wolf says if you're not eating, you're getting eaten … which is entirely too literal.


Wind Wolf's AOL Blog: Knife fight in the alley
Granny kick-ass in the house!

Hey Chummers, You've Got Mail!

Wind Wolf here.  I think everything might eventually be OK, and I may leave the field with everything I was born with still attached. Despite Karma working against me.

So my crew got a nice milk run, keeping the peace if you will during a meet.  Of course it goes to drek, thanks to a third party intent on upping the body count.  Once everyone is dead that we're keeping the peace for, we go "Peace" and hit the bricks, with some goons in hot foot pursuit.

We duck around a corner … into a dead end.  Good news, there are two doors.  Bad news, both have maglocks.  We pick one, and go to work on the lock.  Right about when 5 of the aforementioned goons roll around.

They have big scary pistols, so I duck behind cover and call out Brother Wolf.  Our sniper, perhaps with not the best decision making ever, stands up and levels a punk with his IBCM launcher/sniper rifle (I mean, ewww).  He then took a pistol round to the head … good thing he had that helmet, know what I'm saying?  Tempest and Juniper in the crew popped another, and Brother Wolf took out two more.  At this point I feel I should state how my impressive leadership and inspiration was critical to the team. Last guy skedaddled, but not before Tempest owned his commlink.

So we finally got that lock open, and got a really, really impressively large hand cannon leveled at us, by perhaps the scariest grandma ever.  "My what big barrels you have, Grandma!  The better to turn your head into a canoe, my dear."

We decided to politely take our leave.  Tempest noted that the gang bangers apparently had a vehicle coming for us, so we bolted out of the CZ to lick our wounds and plan our next steps.  Hopefully someone will spring for nutrisoy later …


Another day another dollar

It's business as usual in Chicago take a job get paid. But this is Chicago were talking about there's no such thing as business as usual here. Take a job and you get paid or maybe you get dead or maybe you get stiffed. You always know which way the wind is going to blow here. Cold and hard.


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