Wind Wolf

Street Shaman, with a penchant for justice ... and gettin' paid.


Archetype: Wolf Shaman
Real Name: Kalifaa
Street Name: Wind Wolf
Species: Elf


Height: 5’9"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey
Complexion: Fair
Age: 32

A slender, fair skinned elf stands of striking features stands before you. Warm and exuberant, you just want to invite him over to join you for a beer. You have a feeling that if this guy is your wingman, you’ll have to beat away the ladies with a stick.

Distinguishing Marks:
Kalifaa has a distinctive arcane tattoo, that resembles a shadowy wolf, stretched along the left side of his face. He has a tunic made from a wolf pelt harvested from a wolf that died naturally, a way of honoring a friend from his time in the wild.

Notable Attributes:
- Willpower

Notable Skills:
- Spellcasting
- Summoning
- Socials
- Gettin’ with the ladiez

Favorite Pieces of Gear:
- Electric Eelskin Glove

Wind Wolf loves using the interwebs! Here’s his persona icon, grabbed it from the Matrix:


As a young man, Kalifaa was ever fond of getting out of the Sprawl, and into what wild was left in the world. He Awakened when he was sixteen, having a vision of his spirit animal, the wolf, leading him away from civilization. Able to survive only with the help of spirits that took a liking to him, Kalifaa assumed the nickname Wind Wolf, and set about trying to protect what little natural habitats remaining from the depredations of the megacorps.

After one disastrous attempt to prevent the construction of a transcontinental natural gas pipeline, Wind Wolf determined that he had to leave his spirit friends behind, and head into the belly of the beast itself, the Sprawl … and strike where he can.

Wind Wolf

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