Cold Bitter Truth

Wind Wolf's AoL Blog: There Goes the Neighborhood

That is IT! I'm going on vacation.

Hey Chummers, you've got mail!

All right, I'll accept the fact that we didn't exactly get away clean … and mistakes were made.  Our "safe house" is blown, and Shadowknight lost some good friends.  Because we really cost them some blood.  There might be a gang war in the CZ on account of our actions as well.

So here's what went wrong.  We made a bee line for the safe house, not thinking that the HB had a rigger with a drone on overwatch.  Pretty sure the bastard followed us home, and guided some hitters to us.  And it's not like our day had been flawless already.

Anyway, we heard their forward QRF rolling toward us and deployed, in strung out shape mind you, to politely suggest they turn around.  Then Shadowknight got hit in the face with a grenade from that damn drone, knocking him out.

Juniper tended to our sleepy Ork, and Killshot, Tempest and I went to town on the OpFor.  Here's what I discovered.  Killshot > drones.  Tempest >>>>> the HB decker.  He took a nap, and we're pretty sure got his shit broken.  Here's what I discovered … a big fuck-off sized wolf spirit in your car will ruin your day, as an unconscious mage found out the hard way … as did his fire spirit.  Also, bullets bounce off spirits, it's hilarious.

So, we ran, as the rest of the HB was on our tail.  We decided to exit via the Horde's gate, with a Bulldog as tribute.  They were distinctly not impressed, and Shadowknight and I didn't exactly manage to mend that fence before we were told to gtfo.  What followed was a gang battle/skirmish that Lone Star came in and put a stop to.

So we don't have our sweet access to get in and out of the CZ quietly now, going to have to work on that.  In the meantime, screw all of this shit, we're taking a breather.  Tempest is working on a nice cabin an hour or so south; we're going to chill the heck out for some R&R, and Brother Wolf and I are going to talk … I need to know I'm on the right path.

In other news, I found a trid of an old TV show called "2 Broke Girls."  Then main draw seemed to be this one chicka's rack, but something about their money troubles rang true.  I'm slowly getting out from under my loanshark … but I got to keep working it.

Remaining debt: 60k.




Somehow I doubt these clowns are interested in burying the hatchet so we should expect them to run interference on us in the future.



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