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Oh ... we WANT to do this run ....

Hey Chummers, You've Got Mail!

So yeah, opsec and what not, can't get into details about what the crew is doing on our "time-off."  Let's just say we're making the world a better place, one trigger pull at a time.

I'll update this blog entry later, if I can ever stop laughing long enough to finish up.  Time to saddle up, check you later.


Update: This bit of badassery deserves it's own writeup, not just an update.  When my head stops pounding, I'll give it the justice it deserves.


Well there goes my plan to suit you up in simsense rig and live stream things.

Note: that isn’t actually something I would really consider but if some giant Corp wants to bankroll that as a TV show idea I am interested.



Don’t tell Shadowknight, but I think installing trodes in a kick-ass red white and blue bandana is a better option. Can we “accidentally” glue it to his head?

That aside, watching me get my ass handed to me by ghouls is probably good TV ….



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