Cold Bitter Truth

Wind Wolf's AOL Blog: Queue the Thousand Yard Stare

Just ... let the Ork go first next time ... got it.

Hey Chummers, You've Got Mail!

Ok, ok, OW.  It hurts a little to like, breathe and stuff, and sadly, I think my spleen is a little loose.  So sometimes we get excited, and we have to learn the hard way that this is not a safe thing to do.

So this would have been a milk run, if only I hadn't stumbled onto some Ferals.  The team finished up QP's job null sweat, though Killshot and company had to regulate a bit.   Brother Wolf got dissipated slightly in the fight with the security team at our second operational area, but he'll be ok in a day or so.  Might need to drop an offering next time.  Brother Wolf has some gravitas, chummers, but a lightning ball is a lightning ball.  Like I said, Killshot and crew did their thing, and we cleaned up the mess best we could and got paid.

The more I get to know her, the more I like Juniper.  First off, girlfriend can throw down when the chips are down … but more importantly, I think she has some sort of implant for pulling soup outta no where.  Good soup, too!

Anyway, being that like, rent is a thing, and stuff, we went ahead and scoped out our next job for Mr. Johnson.  No reason for this not to go smoothly, just a quick infiltration to come out with proof of ownership of some abandoned property.  There were some mysteries there, but nothing worth risking out necks to investigate.  We were in, Shadowknight did the lockpicking thing, Tempest did her slump over and drool thing, and boom, paydata.

Then came time to extract, after a quick decision not to stick around after mission accomplished.  I'll admit it, I was feeling in a good place.  Thought I'd show off for the ladies a bit … youthful indiscretions or whatever.  I found out when I opened a door two things:

1) Let Shadowknight go first

2) being face to face with 5 hungry ghouls makes me wish I brought my brown pants a little.

Thanks to Shadowknight's quick thinking and some loud ass gunfire (did I mention that Juniper kicks ass with that AK?) I didn't die.  I don't want to sell deathsticks, I want to go home and rethink my life.  Good news is, got the scratch to make good on my debt.  It has to get easier from here, right omae?


So if there was any doubt as to why he lugs that shield around it’s crystal clear now, I still think he is a bit off meleeing ghouls but to each his own. Easy on the slump and drool comments Mr. I can cause my spirit to leave my body you do it too. If you want I can bring you along and you can distract the ICE for me.


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