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Wind Wolf's AOL Blog: Legwork and a New Gig

Shammy need cash gogogogo

Hey Chummers, You've Got Mail!

Wind Wolf here.  First of the month is coming on awful fast for my taste.  Got to get paid, or I'm going to pay myself.

So, we got a giant hard-on for messing with the Brigade, so's Killshot and Juniper went out to do some legwork, with me in the astral for overwatch.  All in all, it went pretty smoothly, and the Wonder Twins got some good intel.  Three more like these two and I think we can form Voltron.  Really nice work, but I think Killshot didn't do so hot with the interrogation of some goon they caught … and I don't know how to ask a stiff questions.  

In other news, the "photos" the Brigade had didn't amount to much … that's why you wear helmets, chummers.

After the dynamic duo returned, we got a call from the Princess, apparently Tempest is going to grow up into a glorified cable repair gurl.  We're headin' to the Danger Zone (thanks Kenny) to replace some gear for her.  I have a bad feeling about this.  Despite my bad feelings, Brother Wolf says if you're not eating, you're getting eaten … which is entirely too literal.



Obviously this isn’t truly on the level, if it was the cable guy contractor would be doing it. Plan on needing some hardware as I don’t expect it to be a cake walk. But bring the less than lethal options as this needs to be done with precision not a sledge hammer.


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