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Not this time, Eleanor

Hey Chummers, You've Got Mail!

When you swing for the fences, one of two things usually happens.  You either knock it out of the park, or your fall on your face.  What makes the difference between the two is all the work you put in before the swing.

We didn't put in enough work, and we didn't read the pitcher well enough to knock it out of the park.  We did, however, hit it right between the second baseman and the shortstop for a solid base hit.  Not what we were hoping for, but no outs and we'll have a few more at-bats.

OK, OK, enough of the baseball metaphor.

The short version is we took the chuckle heads on the border of the, ahem, "Chicago National Socialists Fan Club" to be par for the course.  We didn't take into account that really, really good Matrix security can be shipped from some corp in a box.  Some assembly required, but basically plug and play.  It all started out so well …

So we make our entry into the target gang's turf.  We have to neutralize a few sentries on the border, and between some good shooting from Killshot and Juniper, some Matrix lockdown by Tempest, and McGruff the Crime Wolf (Brother Wolf) taking a few bites out, we took care of business, omae.

Then we had what could be considered our final flash of brilliance … we drove up, in one of their jalopies, in their gang colors, to the core.  Then Tempest "tried to interpret the entire imperial network."  And found out that these racist pricks got themselves a matrix upgrade, in the form of a "screw you Tempest" level Host.  Needless to say, they were shortly alerted to shenanigans, and Tempest had to desperately reboot or suffer from a minor terminal brain bleed.

As Olivia Newton John used to sing, "Let's get physical, physical."

Between Killshot turning one guy's head into a canoe, Juniper ventilating another, and Grandfather dropping some funballs (I mean stunballs), we cleared out the immediately alerted guards.  By the way?  Remember that jalopy?  I do … Juniper rigged up some first rate boom-boom, and we learned Grandfather is just skilled  enough at driving to fake it to the ganger's main HQ … and we set off the bomb.  Yay distraction!  This probably saved our lives.

Soon after we were beset by two spirits in the astral, while we had a couple drones come after us in meatspace.  I got my shit pushed in a little by a fire spirit, but was able to banish it with some luck.  Grandfather went "Spirit of Mano y Mano" with another Spririt of Man, while Killshot exchanged fire with a VTOL drone, and Shadowknight gave a scowl to a Steel Lynx to let it know how disappointed he was with its behavior of firing full auto bursts at his face.

Between myself and Grandfather, we dealt with the astral threat … didn't even have a chance to close my third eye.  Meanwhile, Killshot got knocked out by fire from above, and Juniper bolted up to the roof to wake him up.  Just so you know, this was the first time she got knocked out, not the last.

Tempest got our two prize vehicles unlocked and running and we switched to "GTFO mode."  She and I loaded up, and Tempest promptly bricked the two drones from the Matrix.  Shadowknight started to drag the Steel Lynx to our newly procured Bulldog, but thought better of it as the gangers started rolling up in an APC!  He bolted for the van as suppressive fire was laid out, and got inside.  I cast Levitate to finish the loading of the Lynx.

Oh remember that suppressive fire?  Shadowknight ignored it while the rounds bounced off his shield, and Killshot took another shot to the chest … and promptly fell unconscious a second time.  After loading the drone, Tempest backed the Roadmaster close and I levitated his "Trout-like" form into the Roadmaster.  Away we go … I tried to block the way behind us with a barrier, but passed out from the drain.  And the beating I took earlier in the astral.

So, I'm told we more or less got out clean, and more than made up for what these jackholes cost us on our earlier run.  Man, they gonna be pissed …..



Theory number one: the security decker was napping while the drone rigger was actually doing his job.

Theory number two: they didn’t actually have a security decker on duty and the guy was just alerted by the host, which is why he was late for the party.

In either case that rigger is going to be super pissed and I think its safe to assume we are not on his Christmas card list anymore. Maybe I should send him flowers and a fruit basket or something?



Buy him whatever you want, I have some debts I need to pay down some. Suggest we keep this blog post private for now, obvious reasons.


OOC note: this blog post is not public.


I almost forgot! Remember that part where Grandfather put a big old case of supernatural terror into the heart of the rigger in the APC? I ’member.




I’m going to need to add some things to my shopping list if we are going to continue to engage in this level of shenanigans. That was fun!



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